Haiku from Issa’s Snail

Today I’m mirroring a post from kipple  – where I collected samples from some of the great poets contributing to the interactive renku site Issa’s Snail (see link to the right) I hope to present more soon!

two worn Oxfords
all that’s left of father
in the wardrobe


a heron’s meal
interrupted by
a teenage jet-ski


one strand
carries a spider

Joseph Mueller


trying her name
ending with his –
the pen runs dry


Christmas Eve –
stepping into
a stranger’s footprint


heat haze
she runs up waving
a fan shell

Sandra Simpson


rainforest –
should I listen to bellbirds
or the currawong?


the stray tomcat
tries a kitten’s voice –
winter dusk


winter fly –
my death poem

Lorin Ford

4 thoughts on “Haiku from Issa’s Snail

  1. These are fantastic. I am always impressed with haiku when it’s done well. These poems say so much. The first one about the father made me cry. What a powerful image. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much, Ashley. I’m afraid I’m horrible at haiku. I try it and other forms as exercises for my lines, but what I’ve produced is really bad:) I will check out Issa’s Snail, though. I love to read what others have done.

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