Haiku from Graham Nunn

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Currently leading our Kasen Renku at Issa’s Snail (see link to the right) is the talented Graham Nunn. Here are some of his own haiku:

dawn service
red scarf slashed
across the digger’s throat


nudist beach
all eyes stare
out to sea


rooster’s yellow beak opens the morning


makeshift bed
blood on the face
of the new born


at dusk
pink and blue clouds
of fairy floss

Graham Nunn
Unfortunately, Graham’s haiku collection, a zen firecracker, is sold out, but measuring the depth, his beautiful haibun collection is not, have a look here

2 thoughts on “Haiku from Graham Nunn

  1. Well, I feel like I say the same thing over and over. Beautiful work. I have enjoyed it all very much. Yes, Graham is excellent. Thanks, Ashley. You are introducing me to not only your work, but to other poets as well.

  2. My pleasure, Julie! Yes, Graham is a fantastic poet – even if he hadn’t been such a great editor for my first book, he’d still be one of my fav Aussie poets!

    I do try and expose some other writers at the blog – it feels a little unnatural to just say, ‘look at what I’ve done etc’ all the time.

    I’ve had the same experience with your blog – I’ve read a lot of great stuff (yours too, of course) from people you’ve highlighted too!

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