extempore – writing, music, art & improv


Even if one of my poems (tiger-shells) wasn’t included in the latest issue of extempore  (issue 3)  I’d still be plugging the magazine. Miriam Zolan and her team are doing a fantastic job bringing together and putting out a high-quality journal.

And it’s a hefty one, generally running close to 200 pages, full of poetry, photography, interviews (with current and legendary jazz folks – Joe Zawinul in Issue 3) reviews, essays (Issue 1 included a great critical look at the media’s attitude toward jazz, illustrated by Herbie Hancock’s visit for his last tour.) and fiction on or responding to jazz and improvised music. It’s well worth a read and each issue includes a CD compilation with work from Australian labels.

And of course, poetry! Oft times witty and always highly enjoyable to read. extempore is also open to submissions and is able to pay its contributors.

3 thoughts on “extempore – writing, music, art & improv

  1. It’s such a cool magazine – I got the first issue but will get more – jam packed with great stuff and the CD and they pay the poets – WTF. My Dad (and Mum) are the biggest jazz freaks around – I know what to get him for Christmas.

  2. I know, Gabrielle, isn’t it wonderful – payment for poetry is such a beautiful thing.

    And it’s nice to see some Australian jazz getting extra exposure too.

    Hi Paul – just read ‘Tom’s new spectacles’ – love the ‘hustling pool’

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