By the Curve

a teacup sits on the sink
inside, imagined marks
where you held it,
not by the handle
but by the curve, to fit a palm
aching from winter

and the rest of the kitchen
looks a little strained –
ant-killers nest against
the foggy window and
cutlery stands like a palisade

but somehow your teacup
shrugs off pain
with a sweeping shadow
cast low over the dish-rag,
to me it looks like you might
return at any minute.

9 thoughts on “By the Curve

  1. This is excellent, you’ve put the kitchen vividly in my mind, my attention is drawn and held by the teacup. Absolutely brilliant, can’t wait for the book release.

  2. Thank you, Mark! Me too – very keen to get to the launches and see how the book goes! Hopefully folks like it!

    I’m glad the kitchen was so vivid, I find domestic objects quit latent with poetry, if that makes sense, and I often try and get something out of them for a poem!

  3. Sometimes a single word can seem beautiful by and of itself. Just the sound of it can be evocative –> Palisade. Great word choice throughout, actually.A well crafted poem. Also love the intimacy of the cup, of course.

    • Thanks, Alec! I’m so glad you picked up on (& liked) the word choice – I was really searching for ‘palisdade’ for a while, ‘barricade’ & others just didn’t have the same feel!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. It takes my breath away. I love that the marks are imagined, but the longing is so real. Yes, the form is fantastic. It’s so beautifully crafted but packs a powerful punch.

    I can’t wait to hold your book in my hands, Ashley!! It won’t be long now. A friend just asked me today what I wanted for Christmas, and I gave her a piece of paper with your book and name on it. If she doesn’t buy it, then I will on my payday (but I figured she’d be faster than my payday). Beautiful work. I’m so glad you gave us a preview!

    • Can’t wait to see what you think of the whole book, Julie!
      It’s being launched next week (which is exciting) but as you know, it’s been on Amazon & a few others for a while.
      Really pleased that the longing came through, it was a fairly lonesome morning when I wrote it!

  5. Hey Gabrielle! Thank you – makes me think of family too – especially my nans.

    IP might be the best – local shipping, so it ought to be quicker, though Amazon may be a smidge cheaper with our dollar being so strong at the moment, thanks for the interest! (I also noticed that google books had a few more samples up if you wanted to read some more)



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