Photos from the Launch

Ross House – Sunday 6th Dec

Here’s a snap from the IP Gala event in Melbourne – I’m reading from Stepping Over Seasons and forgot my water, so I had a very dry mouth at the end and my reading suffered a bit, but it was great to meet the other authors and hear them perform.

Lorraine McGuigan’s poetry from Wings of the Same Bird was quite moving and she captured love so well. Josh Donellan’s A Beginner’s Guide to  Dying in India was full of great descriptions and razor-sharp wit. Rebecca Bloomer read from her YA novel Willow Farrington Bites Back and her charactarisation of a teenage girl was just spot-on. Also launched was Inspire Your Day ~ A Little Book of Inspiration by Tracy Woolley – check out her site too – full of award winning images. IP Publisher David Reiter read from his latest novel Primary Instinct – a clever satire on teaching and the school system in general.

Collected Works – Monday 7th Dec

And here’s one quite similar – reading at Collected Works in Melbourne this time, had a blast here – thanks again to everyone who came (had water this time!) and to Kris for doing a wonderful job as host. Lorraine also read and I was especially struck by this from the collection  Coffee for one on the terrace.

Bairnsdale Library – Tuesday 8th Dec

And here’s one with me actually looking at the audience – had a fantastic crowd and once again, David led as MC and we had wonderful hosts in Darryl and the rest of the Library staff. Thank you everyone for coming out in the rain, especially to those who traveled from afar!

6 thoughts on “Photos from the Launch

  1. Awesome. You look like a natural reader, which is good. Did anyone make a recording or video at any of your readings? I know you can’t put a lot of it here, since it’s being sold. But I’d love to hear your voice if you have a recording of a poem and know how to post it. Congrats again!

  2. Big DUH on my part. I just listened to “comes to rest” below. I need to read from bottom up to see what I’ve missed. Excellent!! Am I correct in assuming that’s your voice? Never mind…I’ll go check it out again and stop asking silly questions. Have a good one.

    • 🙂 No problems, Julie. Yep, it’s me – took me about 8 attempts to record it, just kept stuffing up little bits here and there. Hoping to do a full CD one day – the hardest thing, I’m finding (apart from actually speaking them well) is finding enough musicians who are available when I am!

  3. Hey Ash,
    Big congrats on the launch of your book.. We had planned to be there to support you, but we have had a very busy few weeks.. Did many of the family make it?? I’m glad it went well, hopefully we can catch up over Christmas / January.. The kids and I will be heading to Lakes for a week or so.. Stay in touch, and ‘Well done’ can’t wait to buy the book.. Love Bree

    • Hi Bree! Wow, thank you! Long time no see! I understand, it’s a hectic time of year (had Uncle Michael & Aunty Barb which was fantastic) – let Mum know when you’re in town and we can catch up for sure! Hope you like the book, please let me know what you think too!

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