3 thoughts on “just

  1. The ‘wash of brushes on cymbals’ is sublime.

    Must be something in the air, because yesterday I found myself referencing a storm as well. My wife just turned on the weather channel and they’re issuing weather warnings. We might be in for a wild week…

    I liked the poem Ashley. The brevity is brilliant, but funnily enough, I reckon you had the whole thing in the first two stanzas/four lines. Enjoyed it. Cheers.

  2. Thank you, both! I agree, Mark – that charged atmosphere, the air so heavy.

    Alec, that’s brilliant! I think you’re right – it probably doesn’t even need the last image (I might save it for another piece) still not sure – but I am posting the poem twice, as like I like the idea of making the drafting process visible, especially when I get a great suggestion!

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