Miscellaneous Press – Australian Blog Writing Vol.1

Got a pleasant surprise via e-mail the other day – one of my pieces ‘Capture‘ will be featured in Miscellaneous Press – Australian Blog Writing Vol.1, alongside quality bloggers like Alec Patric, Maxine Clarke and Mark William Jackson to name but three.

Thanks to Karen Andrews & Kim Fleming for such a great idea and for their dedication to blog writing.

11 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Press – Australian Blog Writing Vol.1

  1. I remember when I first read ‘Capture’ I loved it instantly. Congratulations on the inclusion, I can’t wait for the book to come out.

  2. Thanks, guys! Me too! Really happy to be there together.

    (Sorry, Alec, geeze you reckon I could get it right by now. Nearly every time I’ve typed your name my fingers have just added the ‘k’. I’ve had to delete it so much, I knew one would get by me!)

    • Thanks, Maxine – congrats to you too – anticipating a great read from you. Looking forward to the surprise, not sure if you’ve mentioned which one of yours got in, so I’ll try not to stumble across it at your blog if you have!

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