Them Crooked Vultures – Festival Hall (22nd of Jan I think)


There’s a one word review. Basically, if you like rock, this was for you. From the audience, it felt like they were having a great time. And that’s a joy to watch. And they were pretty relentless. Here’s a bit of background. Supergroup indeed.

It’d been too long since I’d been to a gig. I’d forgotten the power a crowd with common (benign) purpose creates, it catches you up. It’s probably more or at least as powerful as the music itself, and this was a strong set. Dave especially, never let up on the kit. Awesome.

Wrote this a bit later, as a kinda tribute, kinda a little bit of a dig too.


t-shirt wars

some parts of a gig
are always the same:

it’s easy to see them
preparing early,
flicking through a library of t-shirts
for the one that will ensure
maximum cred

and so for them crooked vultures
there was a range of t-shirts
to rival that of any pirate stall’s

from nirvana to kyuss, to qotsa
& zeppelin, and even one of
Hunter S Thompson’s
receding hairline & trusty
cigarette holder, or the ultimate
trump card, the zeppelin shirt so faded, so authentic
that it gave the wearer complete
superiority over the rest of us

but some of them made me proud too

these people either had no idea
about the standard of warfare
or were gleefully snubbing it
with flat, no name brands
or a polo from work,
complete with logo
and name sewn over the breast.


(I know this is actually a studio mash, but I like the album too!)

2 thoughts on “Them Crooked Vultures – Festival Hall (22nd of Jan I think)

  1. And that is exactly what it is, the ‘t-shirt wars’. Love your poem Ashley.It’s been a while since I went to a big concert but there is nothing like that ‘communal’ atmosphere. My hubby pretty much only likes heavy metal music so he’s dragged me to a few concerts. I like to think I have a broader range of musical likes – ha,ha.

    • I know! It’s amazing – saw it again just the other week. Crazy. The best one this time was a Nutri-Grain t-shirt!

      Yeah, I do love metal too, but over the years I’ve branched a fair bit, but sometimes nothing beats a decent metal band, huh? (all that aggression in its well-defined boundaries, so much like a sporting match)

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