holland1945 – Issue 2!

Issue 2 is up and available to download!


holland has also moved, the old address will be closing soon and is currently replaced by this one


Have a look around, Issue 1 is up too – both are pdf files.

Issue 2 features text & image, from the following artists:

majena mafe, nicola scholes, abby maynard,  matt hetherington, les wicks, tiggy johnson, eugene allerton, graham nunn, robyn green, and christopher mulrooney

7 thoughts on “holland1945 – Issue 2!

  1. that is a great piece of work, ash, i totally enjoyed the poetry, the imagery and the design of it. going from page to page, from poem to poem was a delight. each part vital and exciting. “pigeonhole” by nicola scholes was quite a stunner for me, and i like the whole collection. thanks!

    • Thank you! I think it’ll be a long wait for #3 but it could happen!

      Really glad you enjoyed it – and I’ll pass on the compliments re: the design to Peter, he did a terrific job huh?

      Yes! Nicola is fantastic – I’m going to order her book from Small Change Press soon.

  2. Absolutely fantastic Ash; stand out pieces for me were Nicola Scholes ‘Dear Rose’ and Tiggy Johnson’s ‘I Remember’, I loved Matt Hetherington’s mastery of the minimal, and the images really enhanced the collection, especially Eugene Allerton’s ‘Rendesvous’.

    I hope an Issue 3 is forthcoming.

    • Cool, thanks Mark!

      Yeah, we were so happy when we got ‘Dear Rose’ – and as I said above, keen to get Nicola’s book from SCP soon.

      And it’s great to have Tiggy’s in there too – the longer pieces do contrast nicely with the minimal, thanks again – fingers crossed for an issue 3 one day!

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