‘Poetry should punch into your head’

for Mark William Jackson

sometimes I want poetry to be a currency
and shift things.
I want it to turn my hair white,
curl up inside my gut
and heave things around
until I get up and become such a verb
that I turn the streets
lollipop red

sometimes I want poets to go mad
and turn into a screaming horde of George Orwells
take up rifles
and fill the streets with smart mouths
still able to talk
through blood and fascism

sometimes I want a poem that sends a damn good
slap across the page
a poem that’s so hard to look away from
that I read it twenty-something times
before I go to sleep and then I dream about it
and when I wake up
it’s still there
on the coffee table waiting
ready to go another round

thanks Mark!

14 thoughts on “‘Poetry should punch into your head’

  1. That is so cool Ash, thank you. Such great imagery, ‘a poem that sends good / slap across the page’. Could be the basis for a manifesto, want to start a movement?

    (I’m a little concerned about the automatically generated possibly related posts)!

    • Yeah! Let’s call it the Angry Penguins…damn it, already been done! But what an amazing name, so very jealous it’s already been used.

      I know – love the randomness of where they come from sometimes!

  2. I’ve left this open on a tab for a week. After the twenty-somethingth time it is still great. I wish I could jump in with the ‘screaming horde of George Orwells’ better. Gonna give it a crack this week. Cheers Ashley

    • I wish i could jump in too, Andrew – but I just don’t seem to have the knack for great protest/social commentary/politically charged-kinda poetry. Something like Tyrannus Nix by Lawrence Ferlinghetti springs to mind actually

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