9 thoughts on “longwing

  1. love it. so beautifully gives the sense of seeing in jumpcuts. (loved that line) clearly knowing you are seeing jumpcuts. and then framing the jumpcuts themselves, with just a few words – lighter than air they seem.
    “days cross” and “nights hatch” and “drip and mix”. very nice the way it finishes, it is like seeing a painting
    of twilight, still fresh on the canvas, the light of day dissolving into night.

  2. Great poem. What I like best are the different arts you use to develop your experience here. We move from the ink of words, to the perspective of paintings, the motion of cinema, the sensory memory of the tactile, the lens of a camera, the patina of clothes and flesh, and the whole world as a developing room for us and our experiences. The end takes me back to the beginning with you saying ‘I remember things,’ and I love the childlike simplicity of that expression, but then the immediate sophistication that follows as you explore all the ways that memory shifts and changes as we move within/without that memory. This is an elaborate way of saying ‘great poem,’ I know, but it is.

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