Poetry Editor for ‘page seventeen’ 2010


Very, very excited to share some more news – this year I’ll be serving as Poetry Editor for the upcoming issue of page seventeen!

Working with some great people, and looking forward to sinking my teeth into some equally great poetry – and submissions are open, so get cracking folks! (They close June 30th)

Thank you, Tiggy!


Here’s a link to the full team and announcement at Tiggy’s blog, words in progress and visit the p17 link above to find full submission guidelines.

14 responses to “Poetry Editor for ‘page seventeen’ 2010”

  1. Aha! Your plans for world domination are progressing nicely, first you take Melbourne, then you take Berlin. Congratulations Ash.

    1. Thanks, Dhyan – got a big year shaping up by the looks of things!

    1. Thanks, Paul – can’t wait to begin reading!

  2. Woohoo!!!!!! The only thing I don’t like about page seventeen is the title – sounds like a teenage girl magazine. Well done Ashley.

    1. Thank you, Gabrielle! I must ask Tiggy where the name comes from actually – are you reminded of ‘sixteen’ from America? That was what it was called, wasn’t it? An image of Jim Morrison in beads may just grace the next cover!

      1. No, there is a famous magazine called ‘Seventeen magazine’ – have a look next time you go through the Woolworth or Coles checkout.

  3. Congratulations both to you and Tiggy. A great thing for all parties methinks.

    I asked Tiggy about the ‘Page Seventeen’ thing because I’ve got to agree–> not a great name for a magazine. Apparently Tiggy and co-creator of Pg 17, Kathryn Duncan, were brainstorming possible titles when one of their daughters stormed through the room and said ‘what about calling it Page Seventeen.’ So at least there’s a great story behind it.

    1. Ah-ha! Well, I’ve got to weigh in and mention that I don’t mind the name at all – instantly memorable!

      Although, my last lit mag was called ‘Egg(Poetry)’ so…

  4. Hey Ash, glad to have you on board.

    Gabrielle, it’s good to see you say that, because no-one ever says this to me. They always ask where it came from, but leave the assumption that they like it. Anyway, Alec is right, a 4yo came up with it when Kathryn and I were stuck. It was her daughter by the way. Something tells me it’s a bit late to go changing it though…

    1. I think you’re right Tiggy – unless you want p17 to be known as ‘The Journal Formerly Known As’?

    2. I’ll just slink off now shall I. Don’t mind me – I had traumatic teenage years so that Seventeen magazine is like salt in the wounds – ha,ha. It’s probably just a few of us with that opinion, no need to change the title.

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