They’re Giving Away Eggs?

So, for Easter I wanted to do something fun – and give away some back issues of Egg(Poetry). Egg is a handsome, compact, a5 print mag full of poetry, which I used to co-edit. I have some copies of issues 3 & 4 and I think even one or two of issues 1 & 2, which I’d be happy to post to anyone who’s game!

Egg featured a range of Aussie poets and a few international ones, some names familiar to readers might be Graham Nunn, Libby Hart, Anna Ryan-Punch, Peter Macrow, John West, Karen Knight, Graham Catt and Amelia Walker to name some I can remember without walking over and picking them up.


All you have to do is e-mail me your postal address WITH a short explanation of the ‘strangest thing you’ve done with a poem’ and if I get enough responses I’ll try and post ’em here!


(just a note, that’s a zero in between ‘mountain’ and ‘ash’ – and the frozen ham was the front cover of issue 1)

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