a part time thing (take 2)

when you’re a writer
you’re one some of the time. when it’s dark
mostly, a kind of clark kent
to whoever your superman is:
house painter, teacher, boxer
delivery driver, cleaner

usually you aren’t one at parties
or for casual encounters
and extended family
or on house boats
where you’ve no idea what
convinced you to board in the first place,
it’s easier to describe yourself
by the music you’re into
or even, god-forbid, some dubious
connection to a sporting team
and it’s then that you think shit
fuck this
if I was actually some lucky Rowling-type
or just last week appeared on Oprah’s book club
I’d say, yeah, I’m a writer.

but you probably won’t.  it saves so much
in the way of explanation
and relieves you from saying
that no, it’s not for the money, I actually love
what I do, and it’s really more of an addiction
than a part time thing,
and to hell with it anyway.
you don’t have to prove a thing, do you?
just go on home to your desk
where you squeeze into the role
like a tight pair of jeans that you’re slowing
wearing in, switch on the lamp
and let your words do all the talking.

Same with version two, any suggestions for tweaking / fixing / altering would still be great

8 thoughts on “a part time thing (take 2)

  1. A lot of talk has been going around about the significance of blogging but what most interests me is what it might develop into–> the medium of blogging, as distinct as epic poetry from journalism as a form. And I feel that you keep finding ways to show us how it will evolve Ashley.

    If we say the communal is a fundamental feature of this medium we mean it shapes the overall narrative of a blog, but you are opening the Process itself to communal influence and guidance while maintaining your own artistic integrity. I can’t think of anyone else doing this and it is both a sign of courage and remarkable openness, but also, a startling testament to innovation. Bravo.

    • Cool – thanks, Alec! I’m glad you’ve noticed that, because I hadn’t realised how it could be something that is picked up across the blogging ‘board’ as it were! I do try and keep the writing process open and transparent, and really love the idea of getting feedback in a community-style forum.

      Oh! And I know of one other person doing it (in my limited experience) which is Dhyan over at his blog, utopianfragments

  2. i just finished reading and i am seeing my name here. in the comment. nice. thanks

    i think i like this version more.. i mean.. i like this version more. i like the topic. i like your presentation if it. i ask my self many times, what is it that i am doing. a kind of addiction – yes. also. passion. love. but for me above all – i just can’t resist it and when i have a line and i lose it – my whole day can be lost. i will be frustrated and disturbed. i do not know how and whom to tell that i write. there are very few people that knows me and knows that i write. even fewer actually read it. perhaps i am also waiting for a book to be able to come out and say – i write (that is the most i can say)..
    my thoughts.. i would drop the first stanza. it’s just me but i don’t see it adding. it not fitting for me. i was also a bit lost around the boat image.. i mean, there is something with the word choice that confuses me. it could be my english.
    and the word ‘one’ in this line –>usually you aren’t one at parties.

    i really love your ending.. i think its clear and i can really relate to it..

    blessings my friend

    • No probs, Dhyan!

      Cool, I’m glad it reads better, and I agree. It does seem like an addiction – sometimes amazing, sometimes just plain annoying!

      Thanks, Dyhan – perhaps I ought to say ‘writer’ instead of ‘one’ to improve pronoun clarity? I think I have to hang on to that superman reference, but I’m beginning to agree with you, that perhaps the boat is a little abritrary?

      Thanks for taking the time to think about the piece too, much appreaciated! Ash

  3. i do not have a long enough writing experience. but i have noticed that sometimes i have good image, or good lines which i really want to use. i then try to write something for them or attach them to piece i am trying to write. sometimes its better (for me) to hang them on the wall, and the write piece for them will come.

    • I know what you mean there, sometimes I hold on to a phrase or an image for weeks or months, leave it written down and just wait for the rest of it to arrive, usually moving on to some other piece of writing in the meantime

  4. I’ve just spent half the night reading your blog and had to speak up after reading this poem and all the comments about transparent blogging/submitting etc. Fascinating! Thank you. You’ve captured the awkwardness and hushed tones at parties and I love how you brought it all back to motivation/why you write. Cheers Andrew

  5. Hi Andrew! Wow! Thank you – it’s a good discussion, glad everyone could get on board and make it so. Yes, the ‘hushed tones,’ great description – it is kind of a murmured phrase huh? (I’m a writer/poet etc)

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