11 thoughts on “‘gatefold sleeves’ at Bluepepper

  1. Congratulations Ash, I love the poem, as always you manage to steer the reader’s perception to exactly where you want it to be. (I wrote a comment to this effect over at Bluepepper yesterday but it must still be waiting moderation).

    • Awesome! Thanks for the fantastic comment over there, Mark (and here!) Really great to hear you say that, because as I’ve probably rambled on about before, so important that a piece communicates (something at least)!

    • Thank, Gabrielle, and yes, I agree! LP sleeves really have CD covers & digital images beat hands down! Maybe we all ought to do a favourite LP-artwork post? (Will ask Graham now I think, see if he’ll add some to the lime spiders)

      • That’s a good idea. All my record covers got wrecked in a flood we had in Auchenflower a few years ago – I was so pissed off – the records are ok but the covers are all mouldy and disgusting. I’m always on the lookout to replace them. My first record was War of the Worlds, which I won in a spaceship drawing competition – ha,ha.

  2. beautiful poem ashley… and hawkwind had some mean gatefold covers. i think my fave gatefold cover of all time was the lime spiders album, the cave comes alive… real gothic-cool!

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