Gilgamesh Connections Fable Competition – 2010

It’s on again! Thanks to Harriet for alerting me to this, as last time I never actually got the chance to enter, but I’m keen to see how volume 1 turns out.

In the meantime, here’s some info on the call for subs the second Gilgamesh Connections Fable Competition

First prize- $2000

Second prize- $1000

Third prize- $500

So get fable-ing folks – it closes early May!

8 thoughts on “Gilgamesh Connections Fable Competition – 2010

    • Yeah, but not very well I feel – short stories are simply way too difficult (for me at least) but I do dabble at times, they just take so long to write!

      I remember starting it, and it was pretty good, heavy going back I enjoyed what I did read. Must dig it up and finish it. Noah’s Ark? Tell me more!

      • It is one of the earliest pieces of writing – Sumerian epic poetry (transcribed from oral history) – which describes among other things the great flood. The same story reappears in many disparate cultures. We are most familiar with the Noah Ark story. Fascinating stuff.

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