cars and elephants

in your shadow there is a skeleton
that cooks us dinner
then quietly goes away

it wipes milky bones on the mat
and leaves a clicking sound
lingering _____fluttering
to meet the damp,
where it waits like a cheek

pressed against a coffin

and as I sit back on the couch
I recede, like Judy spinning
down those yellow bricks,
her doped-up face
brittle with MGM’s delight

I think there are cars and elephants
stuck inside of us
at intersections, broken down
caught, headlights humming
skin glowing
and pushing, expanding, slowly, expanding
tusks caught

as the caterpillar turns.

8 thoughts on “cars and elephants

  1. and at the end there, a kind of circle movement of scale – elephants expanding but stuck and tusks get caught (while the caterpillar turns) the smaller creature becomes large and the larger creatures shift to tiny sort of turning things inside out and back again – wonderful poem!

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