grass skirts chase Elvis

I drive easy, lazy with the wheel
fingertips warm

the winter sun is not at all hesitant
it doesn’t creep across concrete
dragging reluctant shadows,
it hits hard/landing big swings

i have enough music to last
me a nuclear winter
cooped up inside a shoe

in my head it’s as if an adrenal
gland had popped

grass skirts chase Elvis
aeroplanes lurk off-screen
and next year is rushing toward us
flying through the calendar
like a dry wind,
chaff collecting in the backseat

weekends melt like English Toffee
but I am no bee.

9 thoughts on “grass skirts chase Elvis

  1. Liking this Ash… has that fragmentary, Black & White movie feel. Conjures a jazz soundscape and the bite of winter sun (and can I tell you it is sublime here in Bris today).

  2. I agree with Graham, this has a great ‘driving’ rhythm and winter warmth. Grass skirts chase Elvis? I worry about what adornments you have on your dashboard.

    • Hi Mark, thank you! I remember you mentioning somewhere that lines often come to you while driving, got the grass skirts in the car and the sun on the hands there too. Actually, the dashboard of my old car might have even been worth a photo. It had some odd stuff on it

  3. ash, this one really calls for a short film to accompany it… wish to hear (and see) you reading it. i like the movement of it. the car ride is felt throughout. so many (positive) bumps on this way 🙂

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