Nominations Open – Worst Television Show

Now I know that civilisation (or at least, our part of it) is truly finished. It has been dealt a few blows over the years, but now a relatively new threat has appeared: The Force: Behind the Line: Random Breath Test.

Now even if this is a just a special within a show, I don’t care. It’s clearly symptomatic of either a mush-headed public or a truly tight-fisted group of programme managers with zero imagination.

Reality TV. This thing won’t die.

It’s had a short broadcast history (perhaps 10 years in it’s current, exceptionally banal form) and will have zero impact long term. Unlike a documentary/interview/investigative programme which has some cultural significance and adds to society’s knowledge, most reality television is an embarrassing farce, all the more so because it attempts to gloss over the it’s very nature: it is constructed. It is not reality.

So, any other nominations? Go on, sink the boot in, I certainly have.

6 thoughts on “Nominations Open – Worst Television Show

  1. I’ld like to nominate the Current Affairs shows that come on before and after the news on commercial TV. The illusion of journalistic objectivity combined with the overt lack of respect the intelligence of the average viewer…etc

  2. A poem of mine “Life by Remote Control” ends with ‘reality TV is an oxy moron’
    Thankfully I don’t watch commercial television (this is not meant to sound like a pretentious statement – I have an 8 year old so unless it’s on nickelodeon I don’t know of its existence). Everywhere I turn at the moment there are references to “Masterchef” and this is annoying the hell out of me because I don’t get the references.

    • Yes! Definitely so, Mark.

      I’ve struggled on with commercial TV (and it’s been a struggle) and am down to two television shows now (and they have scripts and actors) when the stations bother to schedule them with any regularity.

      Most kids shows wipe the floor with anything else on tv! Yeah, Masterchef is a mix between ‘game show theatrics’ and some ‘learning about cooking’.

      Without the first bit it would be interesting.

  3. I don’t watch commercial television, but I was forced to turn Channel 7 for the Tennis recently and there was some vile shit being advertised called Border Control. Not only banal but actually pretty malevolent in the way it fuels xenophobia.

    • I understand, and I have the same problem. Whenever the tennis is on – I find myself forced to encounter much unpleasantness. And Border Control must be right up there, Alec, well observed.

      I admit, I miss 90s sitcoms the most. Acting & writing! Even if it wasn’t stellar!

      So TV truly is a numbing agent – as I used to use it to ‘come down’ for a while after work, to turn off from whatever stress had built up in the day. That or books. Books work too.

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