Red Leaves (Cottonmouth & Blue Giraffe to follow)

It’s a great pleasure to appear in this one – I’m thrilled to have had work translated into Japanese, and to be alongside a wealth of stellar writers. I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but geeze I’m happy to hold a copy of this!


Beautifully printed with a wonderful cover, and large, it’s an issue that packs everything in from poetry to manga. Three of my poems feature in issue 1, both in English and kanji.


Will tell you more about it soon, though doubtless many of you are already familiar with it. Thank you to eds Kirk & Yasuhiro, designer Liberty and translators Sunny & Asami.

6 thoughts on “Red Leaves (Cottonmouth & Blue Giraffe to follow)

  1. Red Leaves is awesome, did yours come wrapped in string and brown paper? Got Cottonmouth Anthology too, another fantastic collection, I loved their pdf’s with the old style medical images on the front. Blue Giraffe is on its way from Tasmania. I now fear that if I remove the Ashley Capes content from my bookshelf it will fall over!

    • Yes, wasn’t that amazing in itself! I loved unwrapping it. Yeah, I’ve been keen to get C-Mouth Anthology, just have to get a good read. Loved the layout and feel & images of the C-mouth anthology too. Surely not! I can’t have that much stuff can I? Cool.

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