Interview & Poem at ‘Verity La’ – 200 Poems

I’ve been crushed somewhat by the weight of regular, non-writing things of late.

But after getting 3 pieces of great news/anthologies (see post below) I wanted to share a fourth.

‘stamped flat stamped’ is my 200th poem accepted for publication (and 188th in ‘print’ as of writing this) so I’m feeling very happy! HUGE thank you Alec & Nigel at Verity La – thrilled that ‘stamped flat stamped’ is up, and just as great to see, is a short interview too – and what a treat it was to be asked smart, insightful questions!


stamped flat stamped

While you’re there, check out a wealth of other brilliant work from a growing list : Mark William Jackson, Luke May, Pierz Newton-John, Bel Woods, Shane Jesse Christmass, Kirk Marshall, Rjurik Davidson, Ryan O’Neill, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Andy Jackson & Alec Patric

13 thoughts on “Interview & Poem at ‘Verity La’ – 200 Poems

    • Thanks, Koraly! 🙂

      Sometimes – and almost always a giant rejection! I think I have 5 or so overseas publishing credits to date. I dunno if the competition is just too great (numbers & talent wise) or if I’m just sending the wrong stuff to the wrong places.

  1. Amazing mate–> that’s an average of over twenty-five published poems a year. It also means you’re sitting on about ten collections, and that’s just published poetry. Takes my breath away. You really must be the most published writer in the country. Kudos, and then some. Thanks for both your thoughts and poetry on Verity La. Thanks very much indeed.

    • Alec, thank you! As an average that sounds even better. Most published? That’d be something – but I reckon there’s folks out there who’d bury me no sweat, with their published output 🙂

      Got a few poems waiting for another collection, gonna keep storing them up for a while I think

  2. This is an awesome achievement, does this include the two collections? Subbing overseas, the one thing I can say about my attempts is that at least they’re fast with their rejections, I’ve sent to some journals and received the rejection the very next day, I just figure they’re not ready for the Aussie invasion (might still be hungover from that oversupply of Fosters we dumped on them!). I agree it was a great interview and poem on Verity La. Now I’m looking forward to the next 200 (no pressure!).

    • Thanks, Mark! Yes & no, actually. Some of each collection was previously unpublished and I haven’t counted those particular poems in that tally.

      Yeah, all those Fosters from the 80s? I’ve found the same, either great speed or reply or utter silence from most overseas publications.

      Ok, 200 more coming up – give me another 10 years bu, ok?

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