The Detective (a haibun experiment 2)

He found a paper crane, nosing its way into the grass. The sun beat down upon it, setting it aflame, as though his eyes were overexposing the scene. Inside was a name written in a hand full of care.  As he walked, the Detective tore the note into four and scattered it one piece at a time. The blue sky was ridiculously happy. It almost made him smile.

____wayward cloud
____in the pond

One thought on “The Detective (a haibun experiment 2)

  1. He seems to be the kind of detective I like. I think of Henning Mankell’s Wallander in the swedish TV series with Krister Henriksson. Another cool detective is Pentti Kirstilä’s Lauri Hahnivaara, a strange finnish fellow. I’ve been to some of the places in Tampere where he investigates. Or of course: Inspector Columbo.
    Your images with the grass, the sun and the seemingly burning crane are brilliant. I just folded a paper crane 🙂 haven’t done so for a very long time. But what touched me most is “a name written in a hand full of care”. My mother had a very orderly handwriting, I instantly had to think of her.

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