18 thoughts on “a haiku

    • Thanks, Gabe! That’s true, I can’t complain about that!

      Ok, sorry about this, but I may just get carried away here!

      I think some translations into English from last century did, but I’d say they as a general rule ‘no’. Especially not modern haiku, and probably in most languages, haiku are written without title.

      They look much more elegant without them, and it seems quite redundant too – you know, a good haiku does its job without the extraneous info supplied by a title etc

      And from a historical standpoint, as the Haiku evolved from the ‘hokku'(the first verse of a renga) and was actually separated from the renga by one of the Japanese masters, Shiki, I think haiku have never meant to have titles – I must get confirmation from somewhere!

  1. definitely no titles for haiku… not sure what the reviewer was thinking when they thought my collection of haiku were titled haiku… at least the work was strong enough to make the reviewer take out their battered copy of narrow road.

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