Short, Short Film for ‘Stillness’ on youtube

A 50 second short that I cobbled together yesterday, for the poem ‘stillness’ of which a different audio version is in the archives around here somewhere!  It was a cheap job and I had a good time doing it – and have just finished compressing it now! (Thanks to Brett for the studio time and Aaron for the tambourine.)

13 thoughts on “Short, Short Film for ‘Stillness’ on youtube

  1. Good one Ashley. The video captures that confused, fragmented feeling of memory – memories of a confused situation, viewed from the eyes of a child who doesn’t understand. I’d like to get my head around editing video and audio.

      • That would be great – I don’t mind youtube tutorials (I taught myself part of the theme tune to Cheers on piano via youtube – haha). Paul was giving me the lodown on Audacity for audio but I’m so useless I edited out the words and left in the white space at the beginning. You can email me on gbryden at bigpond dot com or answer in your coment box, whatever you prefer – if you have time. There are so many different types of software, it’s hard to know what to use. I’d like to know how to get rid of background noise plus info on microphones – do you need a good one or can you use the software to make it sound better?

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