Cordite Creative Commons – The Remixes

Very happy to announce that a poem I remixed has been chosen for inclusion in Issue 33.1 of Cordite Poetry Review!

at exactly 9pm

A massive thanks to everyone in the issue, for obviously, without them I would have had nothing to work with. In fact, it’s interesting that I should claim authorship. Certainly I created the piece, but was I the author? (It’s an issue I want to take up in a mini article soon) I worked in a way that kept the original lines basically intact, I mostly reorganised them, altered some prepositions, maybe even tense, in order to have them fit better. (Which is pretty damn close to the ‘cut-up’ method favoured by the Beats)

Whether that constitutes writing the poem or editing it or something else is an interesting question, so it’s very exciting for me to be in the issue.

But other writers are much more creative when it comes to remixing than I, and took it further, have a look! The issue is packed with a range of remixes, both in style & content.

4 thoughts on “Cordite Creative Commons – The Remixes

  1. My congrats to you too Ashley. You created some very lasting images in my mind with that piece. The question of ownership is an fascinating topic. Looking forward to reading your mini article thoughts. One thing that is nagging at me – I can’t find a reference anywhere from your remix to the original. !

    • Thanks, Brad! I hope I can finish it soon – dragging my feet on the last couple of edits a bit, actually – but I’m definitely fascinated by that question.

      I checked and I have what I hope isn’t frustrating news, but because I cut up & remixed lines from a few poems in issue 33, it’d probably be hard to find.

      Want me to compile a list and post it here?

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