page seventeen – issue 8 is out!

A big list of great pieces lurks beneath the leaves of this issue, much bigger than the one I’ve lazily copied from the web but nonetheless, inside you’ll find work by

Graham Nunn, Ivy Alvarez, David Prater, Amelia Walker, Matt Hetherington, Jane Williams, Graham Rowlands, Mark William Jackson, A. S Patric and Anna Ryan-Punch to name but a few.

It’s especially satisfying to receive this issue because, as I’ve mentioned, selecting the poetry for it was a blast, and seeing it all together is great. But better is the surprises, with the stories and competition entries, which I had yet to read, being revealed at last.

Enjoying having a good read.

Thanks again to Tiggy and to everyone who submitted!

4 responses to “page seventeen – issue 8 is out!”

  1. and ain’t it gorgeous!

    1. Yeah! Thanks, Graham! (And thanks again for the bounty of work too)

  2. Brilliant anthology of writing. Your choices are impeccable Mr Capes. And there really is so much more than you’d expect. Just in terms of word count, Page Seventeen has to be the biggest mag in the country. Which means there’s space for your poetry selections and Laurie Stead’s prose choices, and well as all those comp pieces. My head’s still spinning. Bravo.

    1. Thank you, Alec, it thrills me to read your comment! Yes, it certainly packs quite a punch re: word count, I’m still barely half way through. Thanks again, and thanks for your piece too!

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