New Poem featured in ‘Island’

Really pleased (despite what the postie did to it) to receive my copy of Island #123 which includes my poem ‘Birds Still Talking‘ along with a host of other great pieces. There’s always such a beautiful mix of poetry and visual arts, criticism and fiction in Island, it’s a great journal and I’m really happy to be in it.

I’ve only flipped through the pages but I’ve already found perhaps my favourite poem in the issue – ‘Matter’ by one of my favourite oz poets Jane Williams, and you can view more of her work at her blog.

Subs are open now for fiction and reviews, though poetry isn’t open again until July. Full details here.

4 responses to “New Poem featured in ‘Island’”

  1. Congrats Ash. It’s a superb poem.

    1. Thank you! I was thrilled to have it in there, very thrilled!

  2. Congrats Ashley. I really like that your blog introduces me to Australian poets I haven’t heard of before. Heading off the check out her blog.

    1. Hi Maxine, thank you! And I’m really happy to hear that, I ought to do that more I think, there’s been quite a drought of that sort of thing from me of late

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