3 Poems at Vibewire

UPDATE: Here’s the links to the other two poems, love to hear what you think!

down from the sky‘ & ‘cadair idris

‘Shorn’ is one of my new poems and I’m happy to report that it’s just been published at Vibewire, it’s also got a little ‘author’s thought about the poem’ if you click my name on the site, which I enjoyed writing.

Here’s the poem – shorn.

Two more of my poems, ‘down from the sky’ and ‘cadair idris’ will be forthcoming at Vibewire in the coming week, also with their own ‘notes from the author.’

Actually, while I have you reading (if you still are) I’d love to ask what you think about author’s notes, whether you find them interesting? Intrusive? Bit of a distraction? Useful?

To expand what I mean by author’s notes, here’s a great poem, ‘Wog wedding‘ by Koraly Dimitriadis, that uses one kind of author’s note very well, enriching the poem for me. But it is different to an ‘author’s explanation about the meaning of the poem’ which I have tried not to do too much with my notes for Vibewire, instead trying to go for explanations of how a piece met the anthology’s theme, ‘Back to Basics’

Love to hear what you think!

6 thoughts on “3 Poems at Vibewire

  1. Great Ashley, I particularly enjoy ‘Shorn’ and that middle stanza in ‘Down from the Sky’ is perfect. Loved it. I like the notes too but wouldn’t want them to give away too much or summarise your intent. Nice work.

    • Andrew, thank you! I agree, I wouldn’t want my author notes to discuss the poem itself, unless, perhaps the context surrounding composition. Which I’ve always wanted to ask writers, where & when do they actually compose?

      In fact, I might just do that soon

    • Thanks, Graham! I didn’t want to go too far with them, good to know it doesn’t read that way. Keen to have your thoughts on my next post too, as I always imagine you composing ‘live’ as you’re close to the ocean

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