Enter Sol – Sam van Zweden

At Verity La a little while ago I came across this poem which I really liked – Alec and Nigel are putting together such a consistent collection of work.

Rather than lessen Sam’s poem with a description – here is a link!

Enter Sol

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3 responses to “Enter Sol – Sam van Zweden”

  1. Ashley – somehow this got skipped in my Reader feed! I only just noticed you’d posted it!
    Thanks so much for the mention, I’m glad you enjoyed my poem so much. Makes me very happy.

    1. My pleasure! It’s a great piece – was hooked from the opening

      “The birds know –

      There’s no lying to them.”

  2. […] today did I realise that Ashley Capes was kind enough to post about me on his blog, pimping both myself and Verity La. Thanks, […]

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