Haiku Translation Whispers

Thanks to Steve for this idea (his has worked much better) but the this was pretty fun. Google translator through 7 or 8 languages, each translating a translation of the original text.


an excavator’s orange arm
the rubble
holds no ghosts

ein Bagger ist orange Arm
den Trümmern
hält keine Geister

un bras de pelle rétro est orange
les ruines
détient pas de fantômes

un braccio del retroescavatore è arancione
le rovine
non possiede i fantasmi

рука экскаватор оранжевый
не имеет призраков

हाथ खुदाई नारंगी
कोई भूत नहीं है


손 파 오렌지
유령이 아닙니다

Orange Hand Wave
Not a ghost

10 thoughts on “Haiku Translation Whispers

    • Yeah, I think especially if it is pushed further and further, even by adding other writers to the process to longer pieces, like having someone else do a final edit to a piece that had already been through 7 languages?

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