New Poems – Issue 9 Mascara Literary Review

Thrilled to once again be lucky enough to be published over at Mascara Literary Review, one of my favourite journals – I have 3 pieces, head on over if you’ve time, would love to hear what you think!

I want to do a proper review, but between University assignments and teaching, I’ve only had time to do a little reading, going straight for rob walker & Anna Ryan-Punch. From rob Sluggish returns and from Anna I especially enjoyed Archaeology.

Much more great stuff over there, have a read!

9 thoughts on “New Poems – Issue 9 Mascara Literary Review

  1. Great poems Ash, ‘by the curve’ has always been one of my favourites. The issue has a great review of Andy’s ‘Among the Regulars’ too (would have been my choice if I was the NSW Premier – what does he know about poetry?)

    • Thanks! I will definitely have to read that review, actually I have been meaning to check ‘Among…’ out for a while. I’ve dropped the ball a bit with my reading of late. Ah, politicians and poetry – it would be utterly fascinating to see how many politicians actually read poetry.

    • Thank you! I’ve tried to do something a little lighter with ‘broom bristle’ always tough to try something with even a tiny bit of humour, really pleased that you liked it

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