A Clip from the Festival – Haiku

Woah. Massive few days – amazing stuff. I still haven’t managed to digest it all, but I will be taking to the time to write up my thoughts and experiences in proper detail, as soon as I can!

In the meantime, here’s some of the haiku I performed as part of my last reading. And thanks once again to those of you who could come along – and a quick but heartfelt thanks to Sarah, Sheish & Graham too, but more on that later.

15 thoughts on “A Clip from the Festival – Haiku

  1. The best poetry festival hands down, and 2011 was right up there with the best of the best! Loved watching this again Ash. I know there is some more video footage lurking, so let me know how it all panned out. Hope your post QPF week wasn’t too tough. G

    • Yes, definitely, Graham – I’ll send it off this week, actually. I’ve dropped the ball a bit there – massive post QPF week, but I’m getting everything back together (very) slowly. It was worth it though, no question!

    • Thanks, Chris! I’m glad I got to see yours. I’ve only had a quick read of your collection so far, but I was struck by ‘Easter Sunday’ – and the describing the sky as ‘hot blue’ is great indeed

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