8 thoughts on “Editing

      • Got a few projects (poetry collection, children’s book, non-fiction book) going simultaneously, but mainly trying to sort out and editing all my poems from the last 3 years – I am pretty disorganised (but this will change – new years resolution) 🙂

        That is a lot on your plate! Sounds great though – you wouldn’t suffer a single moment of boredom with all that. How’s the resolution going? If I’d made one, it would have been to finish off half a dozen projects I’ve got going, but haven’t got around to finishing. But I didn’t make it in order not to turn around and break it nearly right away.

  1. I know this doesn’t relate to your post but noticed the music you’ve been listening to. I didn’t know Mingus played piano! I really enjoy his double bass gear. It seems he also played cello. Cheers man.

    • Yeah, he’s a great composer – and played piano on some albums, something I didn’t known either, until a few months ago. Also been listening to one of his masterpieces – The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. Heard that one, Andrew? It’s pretty damn good.

      • Haven’t heard it. I’ll check it out, cheers. Me thinks I need to sit down to some severe editing now month of poetry is over… but it’s too tempting to write a haiku a day for the Feb #lazy?

        I feel the same, Andrew – I should be editing more but it’s too tempting to keep going with new stuff. And haiku a day, that could be fun too – though I’m now four days behind!

  2. Sometimes it’s just one word that makes all the difference, sometimes a whole poem gets trashed and a new one is born, sometimes we just have to kill our darlings.
    I’ve had major operations that have been less painful than revising!

    • Yes! I’ve jettisoned a few poems of late, it’s both frustrating and freeing – spending time on it only to, eventually, cut it away.
      Hahaha! Less expensive, at least, than your average major operation no doubt

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