Poetry Giveaway

The giving mood of Christmas lingers with me this January – so I’ve got a fun giveaway and a mini comp in mind – all you have to do to enter is post a comment below.

First up, the giveaway – a copy of Stepping Over Seasons is up for grabs – simply be the first person to comment here and it’s all yours! (I’ll contact you for a postal address)

Next up – 3 copies of my haiku collection are available to win. Simply enter a haiku in the comment box below, and my 3 favourite haiku will get a copy of Orion Tips the Saucepan. (Again, I’ll contact you for a postal address!)

6 thoughts on “Poetry Giveaway

  1. Congrats, John! First comment wins SOS – I’ll e-mail about a postal address soon!

    And I love the ku, I’ll see if anyone else is game to submit a haiku and see if I can’t spread some copies of Orion around

    EDIT – I just checked the spam trap and Matthew nearly got ripped off there – looks like he beat you, John – I might well give you a copy of Pollen&theStorm to go with an Orion!

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