A Haibun & Renku Update

At the beginning of March I was very happy to have two of my haibun appear in Haibun Today‘s latest issue, both pieces being observations/reflections on Italy.  They can be found here and here along with a lot of other fine writing, including this from Melissa Allen.

It’s been some time since I’ve mentioned renku here, but in short, it’s an eastern form of linked verse that has an obvious relationship to haiku. Written collaboratively, it traditionally has a focus on the seasons, and different verses cycle through those seasons over the course of the poem. (Here’s an example.) Over the last year or so I’ve been working with much needed help from John Carley on a new form of short renku.

This style of Junicho Renku is ‘new’ in that is has a focus on the cultural rather than the seasonal, and the first one written, Earthquake Season (composed at Issa’s Snail) was recently published at A Hundred Gourds – a journal that showcases a broad range of eastern forms indeed. What’s equally thrilling is to have my Introduction published too, and to see John’s discussion of the new form.

So it’s renku, haiku and haibun today!

Both journals are currently open for subs in a variety of eastern forms – though get in quick for ‘A Hundred Gourds’ as it closes March the 15th.

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