From the Amalfi Cathedral

View from the steps of the Amalfi Cathedral. A casual holiday maker should be visible in the hotel window.



After tea one night in the main square (the restaurant isn’t visible in this photo, but imagine it off to the left if you like) I realised we didn’t have a table number and I had to explain the order in very poor Italian, but it went well enough. I think I also managed to compliment the chef, I had a calzone that was pretty damn amazing. Of course, when you’re on a holiday food is more of an event, so you’re expecting good things anyway, but even with that in mind, it was a very, very good meal.

Since then I’ve been craving another good calzone, but we’ve yet to attempt to make one in this household. Below is a link to a recipe from Jamie Oliver that looks good, on the off chance that anyone hasn’t seen a calzone before there it is:

Calzone (Vegetarian)

(I had salami and mushroom with ricotta in Amalfi from memory, great thing about the calzone is that it works with a range of pizza toppings)

Probably one of the best meals I had in Italy, so how about you? What was your best meal while on holiday?

All time or recent.

2 thoughts on “From the Amalfi Cathedral

  1. My most memorable meal, strangely enough, was a calzone in Italy – haha – I have craved one ever since and never had one as good (I called them pizza sandwiches before I knew they were calzones).

    • Yes! Pizza sandwiches is a perfect description – another vote for the calzone! Hard to beat, huh? I’m the same, thinking about it often.

      I just watched the Seinfeld episode where George has his calzone crisis and it seemed quite fitting in light of this post

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