Interview in ‘Poet Series’ with Lisa Wardle

I’m happy to say I’ve just been interviewed over at Lisa Wardle’s blog (along with some fantastic poets) for her Poet Series!

It’s just gone up and you can have a read here.

Other poets interviewed so far include Kevin Gillam, Stu Hatton, Nathan Curnow, Libby Hart and Janet Jackson.

And check out Lisa’s short story collection ‘Reflections’ here at Ginninderra Press.

8 thoughts on “Interview in ‘Poet Series’ with Lisa Wardle

  1. Yes great interview Ash and i’m taking your advise to go to other art forms for a bit. Also loved your answers on influences including the how the haiku masters showed –
    ‘…narration can be achieved indirectly, through images created by just a few words.’

    • Thanks, Andrew! Cool, what are you switching too? I have best results with music, but try and paint at times. And those damn haiku masters, so good at doing that, huh?

      Like one of my fav Basho haiku, the very famous ‘summer grasses’

      Summer grasses
      all that remains
      of soldiers dreams

      (trans Lucien Stryk)

  2. Been picking back up the six string Ash and my fingers are screaming at me for their lack of callouss’. Do you play an instrument? Reading your interview was very well timed. Just what I needed to hear.

    Love that ku.

    • A wonderful one huh? Stryk is probably my favourite haiku translator. I played bass and guitar (poorly) and started learning piano at one stage, but mostly I was a ‘singer’ for the bands I played in. Yes! Building up the callouses, tough work isn’t it – I always suffer when I play some bass after a long time too

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