Vittoria Scaffidi

Vittoria is a Florentine artist whose watercolours instantly stood out in a city full of wonderful watercolour artists. In part due to the sometimes darker colours she uses, but also the outline/coloured look, where the image often leaves the ‘frame.’

She can be found in Piazza Pitti, Florence, and it’s definitely worth visiting her if you’re travelling. The piece my wife and I purchased was of the Duomo visible behind the Ponte Vecchio, it drew our attention from across the street – I’ll try and upload an image later. In the meantime, here’s a link to what might be her old website (hopefully it still works) where you can see work that is similar to the piece we have:

Vittoria Scaffidi

And a link to a interview/profile about her at Clever Magazine. The interview is a few years old, but has some great information in it. I’ve actually come across a few travellers who’ve mentioned Vittoria on blogs after visiting Florence, which is great to see. I’d definitely buy another piece of hers without hesitation.

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  1. Brooke Linford Avatar
    Brooke Linford

    Great to read about Vittoria here, her work really is amazing!

    1. Yes! One painting is not enough!

  2. I really love her stuff – thanks for the links – I’ll just pop over to Italy now 😉 (I wish). I enjoyed reading that interview of her while she is working hard on her paintings to sell in the streets.

    1. I wish I could pop over too, wouldn’t it be great if it was just a short trip instead of 24 hrs or so – if so, I’d have quite a few more of her paintings at the house I think

  3. She really is a great artist. I purchased several of her pieces of art yesterday. Just barely caught her as she was packing up. One larger picture and 4 smaller ones. She was very kind to take the time to stop, unpack, and sell me her art. Now if I can only get them home safely.

    1. Hi Alex,
      I felt the same, thankfully she was extremely helpful with packing and advice about transporting them home. In the end, I had to trim the mat board to fit it in the suitcase and worried about it half the flight home!

      1. Ashley I’m in tears and truly kicking myself for being a rookie traveler. Her art was lost along our travels because it was too big for the suitcase and we are devastated. Her art is too good to leave a chance of it being lost. Next time her art will have to be shipped. It was our true touch of Italy that we could take home with us and remember on our honeymoon. Nothing else could even come close to comparing to the beauty of her art. Hopefully we can reach her again.

        I say to everyone else to take the time and see Vittoria if you can. It is Italy brought to life in art.

  4. Alex, that’s awful news, heartbreaking! I’d be in tears too if I’d lost our paintings, very sorry to hear that

    I hope you can get in contact with her, I took a card and it had her most current website address but it’s currently not up, but what I think is her old website has an e-mail address or contact details, not sure if they are current though

    I wonder if a tourist centre in Florence would be able to contact her?

  5. just bought one of her bigger paintings. Fell in love with it on my way to Palazzo Pitti and couldn’t resist. Good for me 😉

    1. HI Karina, she’s amazing, huh? I purchased a larger one too and it was so very, very worthwhile. Looking at it every day is a powerful reminder of Florence and I seem to smile every time

  6. I bought a small watercolor when I was in Florence. I am so glad I was lucky enough to see her because I think she is so fantastic. My purse was stolen while I was there, or I would have bought much more from her. I just think she is brilliant.

    1. Hey Celeste, sorry to hear you had your purse stolen, that must have been utterly awful.
      I agree, she’s amazing – how many pieces did you buy? I ending up getting one large piece and three small ones, love em all!

  7. Hello from Australia!

    I came across Vittoria and her beautiful work while in Florence and could not resist purchasing a special piece to remind me of our time there. A treasure find!

    1. She’s amazing, isn’t she? I definitely couldn’t pass up the chance either!
      Thanks for visiting, Chris

  8. Just back from Italy we met Vittoria and my wife and I were instantly attracted to her style of painting, she was working on a painting we wanted and she told us it would be finished that day,It now has pride of place in our home in Australia. my wife had her purse stolen! as well

    1. Amazing, aren’t they? Each time I look at mine, I wish we had another 🙂

      Sorry to hear that, Brian – terrible news!
      Thanks for visiting too

  9. Was at the Palazzo Pitti the other day and passed by Vittoria’s work. I was there for a good 15 minutes or so deciding which ones to buy. They were all amazing and I wish I could have bought all of them! She was so helpful and nice when I was deciding which ones to buy. I know have 4 little beautiful reminders of my favorite city.

    1. Hi Amy, sorry about the delay in replying, but we had the same trouble! So many wonderful pieces to choose from.
      One of ours hangs in the lounge room so we can see it every day 🙂

  10. I absolutely love her style of painting. Does anyone know how to create the effect she does in the sky with the watercolour? I would love to try and recreate it!

    1. Hi Martha, I’ll ask an art teacher I know and see what they say 🙂

  11. Does anyone know if she still is near Palazzo Pitti? I’m in Florence and really want to purchase some paintings from her!

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