a political rally leads us to the Pantheon
where willing cafes
smother voices
with the chatter of silverware

the crowds have no ebb

their tanned skin pools round the columns
where echoes from buskers
hang like webs

the sun bleaches the Fountain
and its repairs are frozen
by my camera

we line up
and you are beautiful
just beginning to sweat at the temples.


12 responses to “temples”

  1. we also saw a political rally in front of the Parthenon (check yr spelling Ashley)
    nice poem – made me smile a number of times!

    1. Hi John, really happy to hear you liked it – I’ve hit quite a drought of late with poetry so it’s nice to have the feedback. Ah, was your rally in Greece? Ours was in Italy 🙂

      1. no, I have managed to confuse myself, I think, we were in Rome.

        Wonderful city, huh? So what was your favourite part of Rome, John?

  2. good to read you ash

    1. Thanks, Dhyan! Good to be back – it’s been a long break from writing. This one has been floating around in my head for nearly a year now

  3. Been too long between poems posted here Ash, so this has already made my (very early) morning, G

    1. Thanks, Graham – Early start indeed for a Sat! Feels like it’s been months since I last posted a poem, this one feels like a good one to come back with – as I said to Dhyan, I’d been thinking about it since last September probably, I remember I could hear the sound of chant that night in the hotel.

      1. These things take time A. Look forward to many more poems posted on your site.

  4. I’ll be there soon, if I can come back with anything even remotely like this poem I’ll be very happy. Thanks, Ash.

    1. You’ll come back with amazing stuff Mark, I’m looking forward to it and thank you for the compliment! 🙂 How long to go now?

      1. Leave January next year, about 150 days and counting!

        1. Fantastic, just a few short months now, bet it will be amazing, Mark

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