Tintin Review

Nearly two years ago I registered with Goodreads and haven’t actually used it until recently, when I felt like reviewing a Tintin volume – which I thought I’d share here. (My and many people’s favourite and perhaps the greatest Tintin adventure).

I also really enjoyed the idea of collecting a list of some of the books I have. Being able to display their covers also quite satisfies the Book Nerd within me, but the Completionist part of me is still looking for a few image covers – like Graham’s Ruined Man for instance.  And so somewhat after Graham’s great post here – where he introduced me to share your shelf – here’s a link to the 100 or so books I’ve added to my Goodreads page so far, check it out if you’re curious about some of my favourites!

100 or so favourites

9 responses to “Tintin Review”

  1. Love what you say about the white space and the mystery of the story. It’s my favourite too Ash. Hergé’s best.

    1. Isn’t it! I’ve been surprised to come across people who don’t enjoy it at all (as opposed to folks who like it but don’t think it among his best) but for me it’s wonderful.

      Ok, which one’s your second fav then?

      I lean toward either

      ‘The Shooting Star’


      ‘The Calculus Affair’

      but there are a few others that are close behind

      1. I’m pretty partial to the Blue Lotus and I’ll pick up the Red Rackham saga occasionally for the adventure of it. You know, I don’t think i’ve ever read Shooting Star. The Calculus Affair is great though yes. I could never get into the Moon series yet others I know love them. Something for everyone from Hergè huh? Received your email. Will have a think about it. Thanks for that.

  2. You stole my favourite – haha – Tintin in Tibet – I love all visuals of ice and snow and the wonderful Yeti who is sad to lose his little mate. Now which one will I pick!

    1. 🙂

      Feel free to review Tintin in Tibet for the blog posts coming up, happy to publish multiple reviews of any particular volume

  3. Excellent, Andrew!
    Just grabbed the Blue Lotus myself the other day, haven’t read that particular one for years. The Shooting Star is interesting, it’s almost sci-fi in some ways. The Moon ones seem very exposition-heavy – it’s great to have impressive research, but it’s a hard slog sometimes.

  4. ash, you can add book covers yourself. once in few months i also find myself drawing back to goodreads to enjoy myself searching in this vast world.

    1. Ah, just checked – once I become a ‘librarian’ right?
      Me too, it’s good fun too, the endless browsing!

      1. i don’t think so. I think you can just add a book. i did before. i am not sure about changing an existing one though.

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