Between Giants Available Now!

Fantastic news – my latest poetry collection is available right now from the Ginninderra Press website. Just go here and scroll down a bit. You’ll find a link to ‘Buy Now’ beneath two wonderful quotes from Grahan Nunn and Jane Williams, whose support I really appreciate, thank you both.



Ashley Capes’ communication and exploration of the outer and inner worlds we inhabit is generous and inclusive, favouring sincerity over artifice and meaning over wordplay…
Jane Williams

Capes walks a breathtaking tightrope between geographical locations and everyday miracles…
Graham Nunn


Congratulations also to Dhyan for winning the between giants giveaway, hope you enjoy it! Thank you also to the other entrants, please stay tuned for details of a launch early next year, once the holidays have finished and we’re all ready for more poetry. I’d also like to acknowledge Stephen Matthews from GP for all the hard work he’s put into the collection, thank you again, Stephen.

2 responses to “Between Giants Available Now!”

  1. […] between giants, by Ashley Capes, fits into the palm of a medium-sized jungle leaf. With an attractive wrap-around cover that’s smooth to the touch, and perfect bound pages that smell delicious, by the time you get to the end of page 13 you’ll be having a serious archaeological moment. […]

  2. […] Poet Ivy Alvarez, whose most recent book is Mortal, invited me to participate in this self-interview blog meme called The Next Big Thing, where I get to share a little more about my next big thing – between giants. […]

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