Samuel Yirga – Eithiopian Jazz Musician

Samuel Yirga is a young Ethiopian pianist and jazz musician whose work I’ve only recently found. I’ll try not to ramble for a change – so will instead share a few clips and links!

First, check out Yeh Bati Koyita, a beautiful solo piano piece (slightly reminiscent of Keith Jarrett), and then if you’re ready to hear a few more pieces – there’s this sampler of his album too:


Guzo was released mid-last year through Real World Records and is a superb mix of jazz, world fusion and classical influences. Haven’t been able to get it out of my player!

3 thoughts on “Samuel Yirga – Eithiopian Jazz Musician

      • funny. i thought to put you a link and then thought you must know him


        here is then another one:

        and another

        and last one for this post

        (maybe next post we go somewhere else in Africa?)

        thanks ash great inspiration

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