Word of Mouth – a backlog

So! Confession time – the picture below represents two thirds of the reading I’ve had on my shelf since late 2011, when I actually purchased a lot of the titles within.

2013-04-10 12.57.52

It’s angered me. I hate being kept from reading, but a variety of things (not just my Honours studies in 2012 or my own writing this year) got in the way. And I shouldn’t have let them but here I am with an idea.

Word of mouth. It’s a powerful tool for writers and readers, and I think that I ought to try and use it more, obviously in a digital manner on the blog, but face to face too for that matter. So, starting after the blog launch for between giants (which is next week!) I’m going to do concise posts on what I’ve read and enjoyed, both as a symbolic step toward keep myself reading, and more importantly, to spread the word about some great poetry that’s out there – and there’s a lot.

Anyone else behind on their reading?

(And for a real challenge, can anyone identify any of the titles without spines showing?)

14 thoughts on “Word of Mouth – a backlog

  1. Looks like the top one is Aidan Coleman’s chapbook through Picaro and one of them is Sandra Thibodeaux’s chapbook through PressPress. Well at leats that’s my guess! One of them also looks like one of the Brisbane New Voices collections… I think it’s a great idea too Ash, and a great way to keep the reading ticking over. I think I will be behind on my reading forever…

    • Graham, that’s amazing! – Yep, the top one is Aidan’s and there is a PresPress title there but not Sandra’s (in this instance 🙂 ) Amazing job – and there’s a BNV in there too.
      Yes! I want to push myself a little too, so hopefully it works. I know! (I haven’t made much of a dent in my fiction list either, let alone books I need to read that I don’t have yet)

  2. I can’t see my ‘to read’ pile because it’s all on my Kindle, but it’s probably as big as that! Cool idea for word of mouth. I might just have to do a blog post about that myself. Maybe next week so I can plug your launch. 🙂

    • Hahaha, out of sight out of mind? I brought my pile into a high visibility area for extra guilt, ah, motivation.
      Thanks! I think it’s a good idea because sometimes we forget to share what we read, huh? That’d be ace 🙂

  3. O man. I miss reading. Been ages (or two years) since I have finished a book. At least it has been slightly better with poetry but I cannot say I give the attention I wish to to all of the collections I have in hand. So I take to school each day a different collection and read randomly whenever possible. Great for inspiration and great way to take the mind of the studies.

    I would not do such a think like telling that on blog. damn.. I will look very bad.

    Will stay tuned to get recommendations.

  4. Apart of your book, Bryan Borland’s collection and SpeedPoets am reading mainly Hebrew poets these days. Wonderful stuff.

    I am not sure of the Chinese book she is using….

  5. I’ve been doing the same thing on my blog! I have to say my want-to-read pile is very very big! Also, confession between giants is in my pile… I might have to read it and blog about it now, seeing as you have just launched it and all!

    • Hi Rhiannon! I haven’t been over in a while, this is a great reminder!
      It’s hard to stay on top of, huh? But I’m excited to hear that you’ve got between giants, hope you like it – and that would be wonderful – perfect timing! 🙂

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