between giants – blog launch – day four

Next up is a double hit of audio, on the second last day of the blog launch, with ‘Stillness’ performed by Robbie Coburn and ‘St Mark’s Square’ read by Mark William Jackson.

Check them out below

Poet and performer Robbie’s first poetry collection, Human Batteries, both eloquent and experimental, was released just last year and features the fantastic ‘Love Poem,’ which you can check out here and then why not read up on what’s behind the chapbook in my interview with Robbie.

Mark is a Sydney poet whose work has appeared in leading journals and anthologies such as Going Down Swinging, Cordite and Best Australian Poems – he’s also a fantastic spoken word artist – check out these two – and gave me a real thrill when he took between giants all the way to Saint Mark’s Square in Venice while on holiday! Thanks to both Mark and Robbie, I definitely owe you both!

Reading Ashley Capes in Piazza San Marco, Venice

blog launch prizes, deals and offers

between giants is available for $18 (postage paid in Aus) by contacting me directly, just leave a comment below and I will e-mail you. You can also order through publisher Ginninderra, click here to purchase via Paypal. I’d love your support and it would be fantastic to have you visit again and let me know what you thought of the poetry.

During launch week you can also purchase my previous titles at reduced prices, along with a ‘book pack’ option including all four of my collections for $40 postage paid (in Aus).

Stepping Over Seasons (2009) - $15
Stepping Over Seasons (2009) – $15
Orion Tips the Saucepan (2010) - 2for$5
Orion Tips the Saucepan (2010) – 2for$5
pollen and the storm (2008) - $10
pollen and the storm (2008) – $10








There is also a ‘Giveaway’ for those of you on Goodreads, which is free to enter, all you have to do is click here!

Poetry Critique Offer

For anyone interested in getting constructive criticism on their poetry, I’m also offering to look at up to five poems free of charge, if you leave a comment or e-mail me. (I have qualifications in Editing and an Honours Degree in Writing, along with four poetry collections and in addition to this I have been editing poetry journals/publications for the last ten years – most recently working as poetry editor for page seventeen since issue eight).

In the days to come there will be new performances and surprises from my ‘vault’ so stick around, there’s still more poetry to come in a big last day!

10 responses to “between giants – blog launch – day four”

  1. […] course I had to read Saint Mark’s Square, having been there recently and the name of the square just rings with […]

  2. great poems, ash (i love between giants); great readings, robbie & mark 🙂

    1. thanks, stuart – so glad to hear that you’re still enjoying it – and I agree, they’ve done a top job

      1. yw, ash, robbie 🙂

  3. Thanks Stuart!
    “Between Giants” is awesome, also love the music and sounds in Mark’s reading too. it is fantatsic, especially with the photo.
    And thanks again Ash for letting me be a part of it! 🙂

    1. My pleasure, Robbie – really happy you were able to help, it makes a big difference to have you and everyone helping me with the launch – the poetry community, you know? 🙂

      1. There’s nothing quite like a strong sense of community 😀

  4. I’ll tell you what I have learned this Ash (Mark, G and all rest readers) – you guys are so great but I am not coming down under – I understand only half of what you say


    great to hear all of you – honestly.
    Ash it is the best blog lunch party I have been to.

    1. Half is better than nothing, and you’re welcome anytime!
      Really glad you’re enjoying it so far – I’ve got a couple of things left, hopefully you like them too 🙂

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