Why do we stop reading?

Soon I’d like to begin exploring a bit more about fiction on this blog, especially as I’ve been working on short fiction and novel writing a lot more over the last year.

As part of that idea I thought it’d be great to first send you to a post by a member of a fantastic critique group I belong to (more on that soon!) by RM Haskell – who has outlined a few reasons why she might put a book aside.

It’s a very insightful list and what I think is also incredibly fair about it, is that she is clear that any one issue isn’t a deal breaker for her as a reader.

Have a look here: 5 Reasons I Put Your Book Down

What’s a deal breaker for you?


11 thoughts on “Why do we stop reading?

  1. Stumbled on your blog – nice work. Was having a conversation with somebody about this recently. I found I went through a phase of putting more books down after completing degrees in Literature and Publishing! I think that’s because I probably began to analyse them too much out of habit… (starting to get over this!)

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting πŸ™‚
      I remember being worried about a similar thing right after uni – but somehow I managed to switch off the heavy analysis and I don’t know how but I feel lucky. It’s so relaxing simply to read for pleasure, huh?

    • Me too, Graham – I think if I’m in a good mood I’m under 50 – if I’m in a bad mood (I probably shouldn’t pick the book up in the first place) I might only last a few pages.

    • I actually read first person only rarely, not sure why myself – I gravitate toward third, but whenever I do read a first person I still enjoy it. It just seems to be something I overlook for some reason, I wonder why!

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