Scribophile – a Writing Group

I’ve been meaning to post about a great online writer’s group for a long time now, but keep forgetting. It’s called Scribophile, and if you’re isloated from other writers – it’s a brilliant place.

However – one of my critique partners CJ has actually written a much better post than what I’d come up with, so have a look. Scribophile has really helped my fiction writing, and better – it introduced me to my awesome critique partners, CJ, RM and Tess!



3 thoughts on “Scribophile – a Writing Group

  1. I have been a part of such a community before until it “broke”, which is shame as I have found it mostly very helpful. This one, with its system of Karma sounds good to me. I wish I will get the time to check it out.
    Thanks Ash

  2. Thanks for the mention, Ashley! The great thing about Scribophile for me has been meeting great writers and finding friends. 🙂

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