Between Giants Review

Really happy to share a wonderful review of between giants from blogger and writer Aderyn Wood – it was a great thrill to read this as I really enjoyed the analysis. It’s like a gift, to see your own work through someone else’s eyes – so thank you Aderyn!

Here’s a snippet:

Over recent weeks I have picked up the book and opened to a random page.  More often than not the poems have caused me to stop and think. They compel me to consider things I normally don’t ‘see’, or to simply appreciate a mood or a feeling. Shelley famously said that “poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.” For Between Giants the poetry is a mirror that prompts you to glean some meaning about the world, but I think every reader will see something different, and it’s not necessarily “beautiful”. Don’t get me wrong though, there is certainly beauty to appreciate in this work – particularly with the simplicity yet weight of meaning within the words.


3 responses to “Between Giants Review”

  1. I was reading in it today too
    and suddenly
    it struck me

    it is so beautiful
    and I wanted to share it

    so.. here I am. Do you have it written somewhere across the net? Could I put it on my web page?? I am bad with review but this poem is so wonderful.

    1. Dhyan, thank you – wow, absolutely, please do!
      Here’s a link 🙂

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