Sad news

Today I came across some sad news.

My friend and mentor, Graham Nunn, has been accused of a serious wrongdoing – plagiarism. I don’t know all the details and I am not trying to speak for him. Nor excuse what he has done, should the worst be confirmed.

But I do want to speak to his character.

Graham is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the honour of calling friend, and I feel lucky to have benefitted from his wisdom, kindness, talent and generosity of spirit. I know of few individuals who have worked harder, done more, for Australian poetry – especially in Queensland. I know there are many other poets in the country who have also benefitted from his work.

I understand there are contradictions within this post – how can a writer be called genuine if he is also called plagiarist? I don’t know, but over the last decade I found him to be such.

Update 18.9.13

Chris Lynch on the issue – more eloquent than I. Through my shock I feel for everyone involved, especially those poets hurt by such developments.

6 thoughts on “Sad news

  1. Ashley, I don’t know Graham personally, but I imagine it must be difficult for you to know him as you do, and have heard about the accusations of plagiarism. It’s a tricky one, and sad either way! Good on you for speaking from your heart.

  2. Graham Nunn’s has made a monumental contribution to poetry and poets in Queensland.
    I wish that those who comment on his response to accusations of plagiarism, and to the accusations themselves, would at least place their comments in that context.

  3. I find it unbelievable, Ash. I’m only catching up on the news now. I’ve read the newspaper articles, Overland post and subsequent comments. I won’t comment on the issue or evidence that has been produced, but I will support your character assessment of Graham; over the years I have had many email conversations with Graham and he has always been very supportive, he is full of energy and a great ambassador for the craft, hell he’s got poetry mentioned in the mainstream newspapers!

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