Two haibun published at Contemporary Haibun Online

Very happy to report that two more of my haibun pieces have been accepted, this time by the wonderful Contemporary Haibun Online.

One is a little newer than the other, though both deal with being a tourist in Italy, something I was lucky enough to do back in 2011. Here they are:

Vatican Blues



Speaking of haibun and more specifically, the form of haiku, I’d like to know if anyone out there is interested in participating in a short but informal (and free) workshop on composing haiku?

I’d be willing to run it via a ‘closed’ blog if there was enough interest – please let me know here in the comments if you’re keen!


22 thoughts on “Two haibun published at Contemporary Haibun Online

  1. Very nice Ashley! If you run that blog course on composing Haiku, I would love to take part. I have a feeling haiku could be the perfect poetic form for busy mothers, as you could carry your poem around in your head all day, tinkering with it in the midst of domestic drudgery! But really, at this point, I don’t have much of a clue, so that would be very helpful. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on flatfroghaiku and commented:
    Ashley Capes (published haiku and haibun writer) is offering to run a free, informal workshop on haiku composition. Take a look at his blog (reposted here) for details. See you there!

    • Great! 🙂
      I’ll include some thoughts on Haiga in the opening to the course – I’ve only attempted them a few times and I think you’re right, it’s tricky but can be so rewarding too, absolutely

  3. Ah, you just took me back to Italy. I remember climbing the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, I’m claustrophobic and totally freaked until I got to the top.Then in was worth it all. Then I ran back down, knocking tourists into the curved walls.

    Would love to haibun.

  4. Does a pingback count as being here in the comments in the letting one know one is interested kind of way?
    Just in case…
    count me in!
    Your move. Time is not linear, so there’s no time limit! 🙂

  5. I’d like to get involved too. This is a new creative direction for me and I have a lot to learn. I’m also fascinated to learn of Haiga – mentioned in the comment thread. My email is suzanne_593 @

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