The Blue Hour & Acceptance Speech (get ready for some links)

Sharing more poetry!

Recently my work has appeared in a few great places, one being Robbie Coburn’s blog here. Acceptance Speech has a reference to one of my fav 90s sitcoms – see if you can guess which one 🙂

On The Blue Hour I was lucky enough to have three very new pieces featured, have a look around and check out their submission guidelines too. Thanks to Miguel Jacq for accepting my work – you can check out his own poetry right here.

I’ve also just received my copy of Sacred/Profane produced by Gemma White, which I plan to dig into tonight – sharing the pages with many great writers but it’s especially exciting to see two names, Stuart Barnes and Mark William Jackson!



2 responses to “The Blue Hour & Acceptance Speech (get ready for some links)”

  1. Michele Seminara Avatar
    Michele Seminara

    Hi Ashley! I too received my copy of Sacred Profane, and very much enjoyed ‘a thousand hats’. I always love Stuart’s poetry, and was also struck by the poems of Tim Herffernan – so rhythmic and intense! Enjoy your Sunday evening read.

    1. Thanks, Michele! I will have to revist yours and Tim’s pieces, I missed on my first flick through!

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